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Self-Love Sunshine

  There was hoar-frost here in Lakeville, Minnesota last week - the temp reached 28 degrees. The trees and prairie grass were covered with a breathtakingly beautiful coating of sparkling diamonds that only Mother Nature herself can create. For those of you who may not know what hoar-frost is, the definition is "a grayish-white crystalline… Continue reading Self-Love Sunshine


Kicking Ash

  It has been said that “firewood is not the fire”. Let’s think that through for a moment. Assuming this example is correct, firewood is the “fuel” to fire’s needs. Firewood would still be firewood without the fire and remains so until fire uses it. When fire uses the firewood to fuel itself, it morphs… Continue reading Kicking Ash

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The Gift of Awe – A Letter to Self

Dedicated to My Sisters - Vicki & Sandy (Originally Written January 2015) "A Letter to Myself" My thoughts are wandering back in time today - it’s been almost 10 years since both our sisters left their earthly physical form.  As I write to you Dearest Debbie, I notice with a sense of absolute wonder and awe… Continue reading The Gift of Awe – A Letter to Self

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Twelve Minutes In Time

The fog is very dense this morning here in Minnesota ... very eerie, ghostly and mysterious. As the night tries to give up its possessive grip on darkness and allow itself to morph into a tiny glimmer of the approaching dawn, my thoughts and feelings are drawn toward reflection on seeing and not seeing, feeling and not feeling.  Oh,… Continue reading Twelve Minutes In Time

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To all the 1’s & Zero’s

Am feeling the love at this moment - chance connection to an amazing group of folks just went down starting with CG. Ayling. That spread out like wildfire with re-tweets between us, re-tweets of my book in-process, Silencing Echoes, those tweets brought more re-tweets and new very "tweet" friends.  How wonderful a human connection can… Continue reading To all the 1’s & Zero’s

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News Brief: Twin Cities Natural Awakenings – February 2015 – Twin Cities – Book Release

TWIN CITIES / FEBRUARY 2015 / FALLING INTO THE GARDEN OF HEALING Falling Into the Garden of Healing Debbie Engelmann, Doctor of Natural Health and owner of Created by Nature Wellness, LLC, in Burnsville, is a contributing author of the bestselling Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness book, created by Älska Publishing. Engelmann’s chapter, “Falling Into The Garden of Healing,”… Continue reading News Brief: Twin Cities Natural Awakenings – February 2015 – Twin Cities – Book Release

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Live Podcast Interview MONDAY!!

Dr. Andrea Pennington Announces An Interview with Dr. Debbie Engelmann "Natural Healing for Trauma & Abuse" Connect With Click Link Below Listen LIVE at 10am EST - 3pm Paris Time - 2pm Iceland/London/Ghana Time Or listen on-demand online or on the go! Dr. Andrea brings you an inspiring interview with Dr. Debbie Engelmann, a Doctor… Continue reading Live Podcast Interview MONDAY!!