An amazing video updated by Eric Hunt sharing Alan Watts’ reflections on “The Purpose of Life” The last line is most powerful . . . “I must trust myself to a nature that doesn’t have a box”.

Each of us has “ah ha” magical ideas pop into our mind. Simultaneous with the thought, an incubation period begins to create multiple layers of possibilities about the new idea. The magical idea birthing process, as exhilarating as it feels at the beginning, isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish.

I found the need to toddle, as my fear began to teeter. For my steps so briskly taken, felt of scaling shards of glass. Stepped back to view the scene, checked for blindness to my truth. Was saved from tripping downward, when I asked my soul to speak. The pause was loud and lengthy, as a whisper grew in loudness. Words complex yet simply spoken, slowly seeped into my heart. “As you… Read More

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” Isaac Asimov

Some of you may not know I am a writer and a Doctor of Natural Health.  I share that information to set the stage as you begin to read the words that follow.  I have struggled for some time on how to blend both “parts” of me together, and today, I discovered that I no longer need to blend them together because they sustain both me and each other – they are a natural… Read More

Margi Flint, a western herbal practitioner, shared this statement in one of her books . . . “people will be drawn to us for the unique gifts we have created from our own life experiences”. Every life experience is interpreted on an emotional and logical level – and re-thought over-and-over again. Experiences may present themselves as a day full of gentle breezes and blue skies or F5 level tornadoes coupled with 7.5 scale… Read More

This was shared on Facebook by a friend of mine – the message is powerful on many levels. Enjoy . . . Debs My hope is that no matter who wins it can be the beginning of change. Maybe change in politics, but hopefully change in each of us. Because real change starts with us as individuals, us as Americans, us as Human beings. We need to be better than the politicians… Read More

This modern dance entitled Slip is amazing.  Watch as they gracefully flow together as they create a unified relationship of support for each other. A perfect visual example of trust.

Negative always exists right next to positive – within everything.

It is always a joy to follow the award-winning multimedia artist Milan Zulic because his art is out of the box and unusual. I corresponded with him to share how impressive his art is – so very moving on many levels.  I also commented that in my opinion, art such as his comes from pain and deep reflection.  He wrote back with the response listed below, verbatim.   His response is profound and… Read More