The Toughest One to Heal is Self. I’ve been helping people heal and find balance for many years and my first difficult person to heal has arrived. ME! My biggest struggle is with the concept of how to heal SELF – how to dedicate 30 percent of my day toward my own self-care. It isn’t about making the time actually, it is how do I go about caring for my mind, my emotions, my… Read More

Stillness is meaningless without motion,

Sound cannot be heard without silence

Light is not noticed without darkness,

Enlightenment cannot exist without balance.

    In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.

Nature’s truism is within a circle all points are equal. Even the cycles of nature are circular; there are seasons, days and nights, life and inevitable death. Moving through life with circular graceful consciousness births empowerment. We humans love to push things. When we push against the circle, we begin to “think” circle, or “think” flow. This “I need to control and understand” action makes the circle linear with a beginning and… Read More

Fear May Be A Shape-Shifter Maybe it’s the flip side of excitement. Excitement without courage. Having forgotten our souls reach to the ends of the earth. Debs

life is a garden, not a road we enter and exit through the same gate wandering, where we go matters less than what we notice – BOKONON –

Recently I was struck by a phrase while watching the movie, “The Book Thief”.  Toward the end of the movie, “Death” made the comment, “Death is always haunted by humans”.  That could be turned around to “Human’s are always haunted by death” don’t you think?  AND, yet another, maybe more powerful way to put it is; “Life is always haunted by how we live it”. Yep, I think so.

Dedicated to My Sisters – Vicki & Sandy (Originally Written January 2015) “A Letter to Myself” My thoughts are wandering back in time today – it’s been almost 10 years since both our sisters left their earthly physical form.  As I write to you Dearest Debbie, I notice with a sense of absolute wonder and awe how different “remembering” within the actual moments of the past is compared to “re-remembering ” those moments…. Read More

The intricate astrological meaning of the fall Equinox is beyond me let alone the recent Super Moon and Eclipse.  But the beauty and energy it brings simultaneously comforts, heals and challenges us.  I admit the picture attached is not of the best photographic quality, but for Minnesota at least it wasn’t snowing when I took it! Gaze at the picture for a moment and notice the contrast of light and dark. Notice how the… Read More

Reflect and refract. Your inner light brightens the universe.