An amazing video updated by Eric Hunt sharing Alan Watts’ reflections on “The Purpose of Life” The last line is most powerful . . . “I must trust myself to a nature that doesn’t have a box”.

Find yourself in the lost and found department of your soul.

If you don’t change direction, you may end up where you are heading. Lao Tzu, 570-790 BC

Conscious healing and empowerment tends to bring all aspects of the human form into balance and begin moving through life with a healthy body, honest emotions, a clear mind and free-flowing spirit, as well as an authentic soul.

Have you ever felt like you’re a “soul cutter”? Not cutting the physical self; cutting the soul. We ALL do it and we can ALL stop doing it.

The attached video is brilliant. It is a concise, simple, wordless presentation showing how slowly addictions develop and the devastation they eventually cause.

If we talked to ourselves the same way we talk to someone we love? Think about it.  

What is Mindfulness? Written By Sandra Wells, MA (The Institute for Mindful Living) Mindfulness is a way of learning to relate directly to your own experience with acceptance and an open heart. It is a way of taking charge of your life by awakening your capacity to pay attention, without judgment, moment-by-moment, to the continuous stream of your thoughts, feelings and body sensations.  It is a way of doing something for yourself that… Read More

The Power of Vulnerability – Moving From Shame to Empowerment Brene Brown’s Video that enables all mankind to be a little bit more gentle with themselves.

You “soul” self never dies or goes away. We are each an intricate, very unique part of the entire universe, who, with our human side, have learned to pull away – to feel separated from all others.  We frequently feel alone. Separation doesn’t need to occur and more importantly, we can change that by choosing to change how we see the world. Your energy structure (soul) is both the conduit through which you… Read More