Healer, Heal Thyself

The Toughest One to Heal is Self.

I’ve been helping people heal and find balance for many years and my first difficult person to heal has arrived. ME! My biggest struggle is with the concept of how to heal SELF – how to dedicate 30 percent of my day toward my own self-care. It isn’t about making the time actually, it is how do I go about caring for my mind, my emotions, my body, and my soul when I’m so used to focusing on helping others do that.  Healing self demands a mind shift.

We are each a living system full of complex interactions of energy and information exchanges within our environment. When healers help others heal, they don’t focus on the 2+million stories individuals have in their heads, their painful memories, addictive tendencies, or even the wounded heart they are protecting. There is never judgement as we help others heal. We healers simply heal from a heart full of compassion.

Humans tend to be experts at judging self in a very harsh manner. This example of healers having difficulty in healing themselves is no exception. Many of us do not devote enough time to healing self simply because we have not practiced it nearly as much as we have practiced healing others. Are we afraid to heal because we might lose our identity of being a healer?  Healing takes hard work and courage. Are we afraid of failure? The pain inside us? Does the ego of the healer suffer when they discover they need healing? I think the answer is simple. We believe our needs comes last. In truth, we must come first to be able to heal others.

To all you healers out there, it’s time to heal self.

Dr. Deb

Press Release of Heart to Heart Book Series

December 15, 2014
Lakeville, Minnesota

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Authors “Falling Into the Garden of Healing” Chapter

Debbie Engelmann, Doctor of Natural Health and owner of Created By Nature Wellness, LLC based in Burnsville, Minnesota, is a contributing author in the bestselling “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness” book created by Älska Publishing.   Debbie’s chapter, Falling Into the Garden of Healing”, is the story of her plunge into deep depression magnified by anger following the deaths of both sisters months apart. By allowing herself to lose control, she grew from her personal grief and found her way back to wellness to become a healer herself.  Debbie shares that on a daily basis, her focus is on, “Ways to help others learn how to solve the greatest mystery of all – ways to love self in order to heal self”.   Writing her contribution chapter helped her clarify not only the events of her own healing, but how fulfilling and rewarding getting the message “we can all heal” out to the world has become.  We are all very diverse in how we heal, and the healing stories of how others heal themselves teaches everyone that healing can happen – even to them.

–  Patricia Jerde, Artist said in her review:

“Debbie Engelmann’s chapter “Falling Into the Garden of Healing” so beautifully describes the process she had to go through to heal herself. The path she found to that place of healing within herself is revealed with beautiful and powerful imagery. That path led her to the peace and strength she found in helping others heal. Knowing Debbie is a gift, and her story simply reinforces the wisdom she has found on her journey. I am so thankful she has shared her path with us in this book, which invites all of us to start the voyage of our own healing.”

The Heart to Heart book series features a collection of inspirational stories from some of the world’s most influential teachers in the field of personal development as well as contributions from self-help veterans and New York Times bestselling authors.  Älska Publishing has experienced bestselling paperback sales despite the dire state of the current book market. With the closure of many of the large retail book stores, Älska Publishing has launched over 75,000 copies of their range of book series, with contributing authors spanning over 30 countries.

For more information visit: http://dengelmannauthor.com.


Meditate on Meditation Benefits


The world’s wisdom traditions have long known the benefits of meditation for physical well-being and spiritual development.  In the last 30 years there have been multiple scientific studies conducted in the West at hospitals and research institutions that do in fact confirm positive physical and psychological effects from meditation.  Science now realizing there are specific lengths of medication time needed for certain physical and spiritual effects.

Here’s what happens to the body based on the time we sit in meditation.

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Realizing A Dream


Whenever we are just about to realize a dream, the Soul of the World decides to test everything that we learned during the journey.  It does this not because it is bad, but so that we can, along with our dream, conquer all the lessons we learned along the way.

From the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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WHAT A DAY!   Computer technical issues . . . website issues . . .  changes, changes, changes!   Lots happening today.  My head is spinning.

Full speed ahead on the book coming out . . .

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Sacred Libraries Etched in Stone

In honor of the full moon, the lunar eclipse, the mysteries of life, and all that exists.

Enjoy – Debbie


Sacred libraries etched in stone,
Please help me find my way;

Symbols of all the Earth has known,
Marks the language you display.

Can I read your alphabet,
And will I understand,

The silent message you send me,
While resting in my hands?

Will I grasp the meanings,
Of the steps I must take,

To walk with you in beauty,
As my spirit comes awake?

And is the warmth you send,
An understanding alive in me,

Reflected by Earth Mother,
And the Sacred Mystery?

Will you open the Remembering,
I feel sleeping inside of me?

Do you know my deepest longing,
To be all that I can be?

Silent messenger of the Earth,
My teacher made of stone,

I honor your seeds of wisdom,
And the knowing you have sown.