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Press Release of Heart to Heart Book Series

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 15, 2014 Lakeville, Minnesota DEBBIE ENGELMANN IS CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR IN NEW HEART TO HEART BOOK SERIES Authors "Falling Into the Garden of Healing" Chapter Debbie Engelmann, Doctor of Natural Health and owner of Created By Nature Wellness, LLC based in Burnsville, Minnesota, is a contributing author in the bestselling "Heart to Heart: The Path… Continue reading Press Release of Heart to Heart Book Series

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Meditate on Meditation Benefits

The world's wisdom traditions have long known the benefits of meditation for physical well-being and spiritual development.  In the last 30 years there have been multiple scientific studies conducted in the West at hospitals and research institutions that do in fact confirm positive physical and psychological effects from meditation.  Science now realizing there are specific lengths… Continue reading Meditate on Meditation Benefits


Realizing A Dream

Whenever we are just about to realize a dream, the Soul of the World decides to test everything that we learned during the journey.  It does this not because it is bad, but so that we can, along with our dream, conquer all the lessons we learned along the way. From the Alchemist by Paulo… Continue reading Realizing A Dream


Oh my day . . .

Ufdah!!! WHAT A DAY!   Computer technical issues . . . website issues . . .  changes, changes, changes!   Lots happening today.  My head is spinning. Full speed ahead on the book coming out . . . Creating a whole new website for my business (transferring my domain, getting everyone to communicate, making square… Continue reading Oh my day . . .

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Sacred Libraries Etched in Stone

In honor of the full moon, the lunar eclipse, the mysteries of life, and all that exists. Enjoy - Debbie   Sacred libraries etched in stone, Please help me find my way; Symbols of all the Earth has known, Marks the language you display. Can I read your alphabet, And will I understand, The silent… Continue reading Sacred Libraries Etched in Stone