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Self-Love Sunshine

  There was hoar-frost here in Lakeville, Minnesota last week - the temp reached 28 degrees. The trees and prairie grass were covered with a breathtakingly beautiful coating of sparkling diamonds that only Mother Nature herself can create. For those of you who may not know what hoar-frost is, the definition is "a grayish-white crystalline… Continue reading Self-Love Sunshine


Ramping-up for Challenging Changes

You may notice "personal life changes" have been occurring faster than they can be processed and impossible to predict. One change stacks on top of another to the point where the whole "world" is beginning to look foreign. José Stevens of "The Power Path", shared this in something he recently wrote: "If you are resistant… Continue reading Ramping-up for Challenging Changes

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Teeter, Toddle, Fall

I found the need to toddle, as my fear began to teeter. For my steps so briskly taken, felt of scaling shards of glass. Stepped back to view the scene, checked for blindness to my truth. Was saved from tripping downward, when I asked my soul to speak. The pause was loud and lengthy, as… Continue reading Teeter, Toddle, Fall

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“Silencing Echoes” Coming Soon

  "Silencing Echoes", which was the original name of my personal healing memoir, takes a look at the various ways we attempt to silence our painful echoes from the past, frequent with damaging effects on our health and spirituality as well as those around us. This non-fiction book is based on the parts of my… Continue reading “Silencing Echoes” Coming Soon


Kicking Ash

  It has been said that “firewood is not the fire”. Let’s think that through for a moment. Assuming this example is correct, firewood is the “fuel” to fire’s needs. Firewood would still be firewood without the fire and remains so until fire uses it. When fire uses the firewood to fuel itself, it morphs… Continue reading Kicking Ash

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Soul Garden

After a while, you learn the subtle differences between holding a hand and chaining a soul, And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning and infatuation is not real, You begin to realize kisses aren't contracts and presents aren't promises, With your head held high and eyes wide open, you accept defeats with graceful acceptance… Continue reading Soul Garden