“A smile can change the situation of the world.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Dr. Debbie Engelmann, NHD, is a featured author in the newly published book, “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness”, containing 43 inspirational true-life healing experiences written by inspiring authors such as Dr. John Demartini and Bob Doyle, creators of the bestseller, “The Secret”.

How can I get through this? Why me? Am I strong enough? These are questions each author asked themselves one time or another. Questions you may even be asking yourself at this very moment. The good news is this; you already have the ability within you to have a life full of vibrant health and abundance.

Whether you’re facing an illness, nursing a broken heart, battling demons from the past, or simply wish to live a brighter and healthier future, this book will help illuminate your healing path and allow you to realize anything is possible. Order at: Use coupon code SAVE10 for 10% off.

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Dr. Andrea Pennington Announces An Interview with Dr. Debbie Engelmann “Natural Healing for Trauma & Abuse” Connect With Click Link Below Listen LIVE at 10am EST – 3pm Paris Time – 2pm Iceland/London/Ghana Time Or listen on-demand online or on the go! Dr. Andrea brings you an inspiring interview with Dr. Debbie Engelmann, a Doctor of Natural Health and Traditional Naturopathy, as well as an Herbal Practitioner, reminds us of our divine… Read More

Each of us can relate to having a dream . . . a really big one . . . buried deep within our soul.  We may take that dream out to look at it often, at least in our mind, maybe turn it around a bit, examine its curves and surfaces, polish up a specific design facet, brush off some dust, we then tuck it back into the safe comfortable dream pocket… Read More