Self-Love Sunshine


There was hoar-frost here in Lakeville, Minnesota last week – the temp reached 28 degrees. The trees and prairie grass were covered with a breathtakingly beautiful coating of sparkling diamonds that only Mother Nature herself can create. For those of you who may not know what hoar-frost is, the definition is “a grayish-white crystalline deposit of frozen water vapor formed in clear still weather on vegetation, fences, etc.”  What a DULL explanation this is once you see it in reality. The attached picture gives you an idea of what it looks like but it does not do justice to its true beauty.

As I sat with my tea and contemplated the amazing frost, my mind wandered to a possible parallel between the beauty of hoar-frost and the seemingly frozen feelings we sometimes cover our heart with. It may seem like a good idea to do that because we think it helps keep us safe from emotional harm. The left-brain happily supports this rationalization and closes our heart to freeze out all feelings and emotion. Doing this is an extreme form of self-punishment. It not only stops the flow of love and compassion to and from others, it strangles our soul when we close the heart.

Fortunately, in nature, hoar frosts do not last long because the sun melts it away very quickly. If hoar-frost freezes your heart, lovingly open your heart and melt it off with some self-love sunshine. It brings more love into this world – and you know we sure need more of that.

Enjoy the day,

Dr. Deb

Healer, Heal Thyself

The Toughest One to Heal is Self.

I’ve been helping people heal and find balance for many years and my first difficult person to heal has arrived. ME! My biggest struggle is with the concept of how to heal SELF – how to dedicate 30 percent of my day toward my own self-care. It isn’t about making the time actually, it is how do I go about caring for my mind, my emotions, my body, and my soul when I’m so used to focusing on helping others do that.  Healing self demands a mind shift.

We are each a living system full of complex interactions of energy and information exchanges within our environment. When healers help others heal, they don’t focus on the 2+million stories individuals have in their heads, their painful memories, addictive tendencies, or even the wounded heart they are protecting. There is never judgement as we help others heal. We healers simply heal from a heart full of compassion.

Humans tend to be experts at judging self in a very harsh manner. This example of healers having difficulty in healing themselves is no exception. Many of us do not devote enough time to healing self simply because we have not practiced it nearly as much as we have practiced healing others. Are we afraid to heal because we might lose our identity of being a healer?  Healing takes hard work and courage. Are we afraid of failure? The pain inside us? Does the ego of the healer suffer when they discover they need healing? I think the answer is simple. We believe our needs comes last. In truth, we must come first to be able to heal others.

To all you healers out there, it’s time to heal self.

Dr. Deb

Lifelong Dream Arrives

I have been awarded an apprenticeship scholarship to participate in a shamanic initiation training entitled “Becoming a Shining One”. This ancestral energy healing practice is taught by don Oscar Miro-Quesad, a Peruvian shaman and founder of the Heart of the Healer Foundation.

“Our story is about trusting soul. Our journey is about honoring spirit. Our truth is about opening heart. Our power is about transforming mind. Our service is about healing body. Our destiny is about evolving presence. Our legacy is awakening belongingness. So mote it be. Deep, deep love to all.”   don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Am so honored to become part of this shamanic form of healing and teaching. Be assured, this will become part of my offered healing services when completed.



Bullied . . .

Never be bullied into silence.  Never allow yourself to be made a victim.  Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.

Been there, done that, never again.

Writing with Passion – Healing with Purpose

Some of you may not know I am a writer and a Doctor of Natural Health.  I share that information to set the stage as you begin to read the words that follow.  I have struggled for some time on how to blend both “parts” of me together, and today, I discovered that I no longer need to blend them together because they sustain both me and each other – they are a natural blend.  I now choose to present them to the world differently – in the form of mind-stretching writings about healing among other things while continuing to personally heal those who seek it – in perfect balance and harmony.

The following is from my journal where I
finally discovered what already existed naturally. 

25086713_m“Nature and natural have been part of me from the beginning of my life.  As I grew older and created and carried the burdens of survival and safety, as well as the beliefs and illusions that come with them, I began to people-please and hide to remain safe.  During this time, my core values – the truth of me – were swept aside so I could become what I needed to be to survive and co-exist in my everyday chaotic world.

Recently, in the space of a micro-second, I remembered that as a child I played in dirt, ate dirt, and loved to drink water from rivers that contained small visible particles of decaying leaf matter, some sand, a smidge of slime and a big dose of healthy nourishment and mysterious things that used to exist in those rivers.  It never harmed my tummy.

It is called “wild water”. I’d sit by the river and study how it forcefully tumbled and tossed its way around boulders and created angry foam along the edges. My soul would ride the water for a bit and when I was thirsty, I drank from the river. It was a wonderful fulfilling visceral experience on an instinctual level. That was my truth back then in spite of the cruelty that existed in my life.

The happiness and contentment of those moments frequently sneak into my conscience memory. Back then, wild water contained all the elements of life in a healthy form. Through reflection and self-discovery, today I choose to begin drinking “wild water” again, to rebuild my soul, redesign my life and support my purpose. Through wild water I will sustain my energy, my path, and introduce to the world my natural intuitive ability to deeply perceive the healing needs and beauty that lives within the souls of all people.

I am a guide and advocate for the people who are lost, forgotten or ignored that may have by choice or circumstance, forgotten how to be healthy and whole. And as such, together, in gentle collaboration, we will begin the journey of discovering the personal quintessence of balance that is exists within all people and bring light into the darkness.

My life’s purpose is to reach out as far as possible to guide and empower others to become healthy, balanced and fully present in this world. One moment at a time – one person at a time.  Naturally.”

The Land of the Unknown

There is a powerful tool called “questioning” in the land of opportunity, creativity and innovation. Questioners learn to love that great unknown area of the mind because of all the open space.

human-1211468_1280Let’s cultivate ignorance (the great unknown) instead of fearing it. If we decide to do that, we need a tool to help us dig, uncover, plant, tend, and grow right? Well, it’s already in our back pocket – ever since childhood. It helps us see the truth – helps us heal – helps us grown. What is it?

Our childish wonder with its endless questions. It never fails.


A Backward View of Forward

Margi Flint, a western herbal practitioner, shared this statement in one of her books . . .

“people will be drawn to us for the unique gifts we have created from our own life experiences”.

Every life experience is interpreted on an emotional and logical level – and re-thought over-and-over again. Experiences may present themselves as a day full of gentle breezes and blue skies or F5 level tornadoes coupled with 7.5 scale earthquakes. Either way, both impact the mind, heart, body and soul with equal force.

The key factor about experiences is what we choose to learn from them. It’s okay to see them as good or bad; helpful or not. Both are necessary for personal expansion and growth and each type of experience cannot exist without the other. It is much easier on the soul to not judge an experience, but rather simply view everything from a neutral position.

new-years-day-1927663_1920Maybe you would like to do a bucket list for 2017.  Or identify a special theme for 2017?  What do you want to see, discover, explore?  Are there skills you would like to learn, improve or master?  Is there a personal quality about yourself you would like to develop or strengthen. How about habits – what would you like to change, cultivate or get rid of?

When we look backwards, we change the future with our choice of interpretation. While looking over your personal 2016 experiences, pick out those beautiful gems of deep learning. Mix them up – the beautiful ones that made your heart sing with the ones that still deeply sting your heart. All have an immense amount of healing power that allows personal expansion and growth – especially as you step into this brand new year that has just been born.

font-954949_1920Each moment of searching births a moment of finding. Consider spending some of this first day of 2017 in reflection and non-judgement of where you think you are in life. Take a few moments to sit down and feel a sense of completion for 2016 and allow yourself to feel a deep awareness of the possibilities in this brand new year.

Today, start your journey of finding your deepest heart’s desire – your health and wellness depends on it. Oh, by the way, never stop having doubts. When you do, it will be because you’ve stopped moving forward.

Wishing each of you a wonderful year of enlightenment and growth.


A Prayer for All Beings

We ask for the healing of planet Earth. May all beings, animals, plants, land and waters flourish and be nurtured. May all live their lives fully and completely, and add to life even in death. May they die in their own time, complete and safe from harm.

We ask for all humans to live in their purpose and be healers. May we nourish the earth and all her creatures, including ourselves.

May we become filled with the essence of life, sharing it generously with joy. May we weave a tapestry of connection every moment. Let that tapestry help heal what is broken, strengthening the threads of life.

befall-the-earth-quote-1460570_1920We pray for this for the Earth. We pray for this for all beings. We pray for this for our own selves. We pray that every one of us weaves our body and our soul together, creating our lives with spirit and heart.

May our prayers flow around the world joining the prayers of all beings who also pray for the success of life and beauty. May the strength of all of our prayers be multiplied, and together, bless the life of all.

© Renee Marshall Brown

What the Heck is Empowerment?

“Empowerment” is an ideal shared by many disciplines and arenas around the world. It is relevant to development, psychology, education, economics, and social movements and organizations. Specifically, “to empower” means to give or delegate power or authority which means “to enable or permit”. In our society, there is a strong tendency to give “empowerment” away to another person rather than use it to live a healthy life. The essence of self-empowerment means to take personal responsibility in retaining complete control and accountability for one’s own life and circumstances.

Conscious Healing IS Empowerment

Conscious healing and empowerment tends to bring all aspects of the human form into balance and begin moving through life with a healthy body, honest emotions, a clear mind and free-flowing spirit, as well as an authentic soul. Exercise, quiet-time, meditation, nutrition, and sleep are just a few elements of physical health that have a huge impact on our physical, emotional and mental well-being.  As we step away from the memories of our life stories and discontinue seeing ourselves as a victim, we consciously choose to allow ourselves to authentically heal on all levels. That is the goal – to learn how to heal by empowering ourselves through gentle self-discovery.

acrylic-1323646_1920The Empowerment Construct

The main “construct” and motivating healing principle at “A Well-Tuned Soul” as well as other natural healing facilities, is the core tool called “empowerment”.  Empowerment programs play a vital role in healing – in fact, it is THE vital piece of healing that motivates and helps people release their fears and eventually heal. The guide, which is my role in helping others heal, is simply a catalyst in supplying lots of fodder or wood to keep the “healing fires” stoked up high enough and long enough to help individuals move toward healing.

Are your ready to HEAL?  To become WHOLE?

If you are, know this: empowered healing requires Self love, Self Respect, Self-Care and a strong sense of Self Worth.  It cannot be found in anyone other THEN YOU.

If you do the work, you will change the world.