An amazing video updated by Eric Hunt sharing Alan Watts’ reflections on “The Purpose of Life” The last line is most powerful . . . “I must trust myself to a nature that doesn’t have a box”.

Blessed are the Weird People The Poets, the Misfits, the Artists, the Movie Makers, the Dreamers and the Outsiders. For they force us to see the world differently. It has been said misfits and weird people belong only to themselves, and when they try to embrace being something different, they frequently become more socially “odd”. Now that is odd. Because every person DOES belong only to themselves – not others. Seems Blessed Weird People… Read More

This was shared on Facebook by a friend of mine – the message is powerful on many levels. Enjoy . . . Debs My hope is that no matter who wins it can be the beginning of change. Maybe change in politics, but hopefully change in each of us. Because real change starts with us as individuals, us as Americans, us as Human beings. We need to be better than the politicians… Read More

As the national elections draw closer, I’d like to share something. Personally, I’m quite tired of all the verbal word slinging judgement jabber that is suffocating this country – actually the entire world. It’s time to make room for something different. Let’s move forward rather than backwards. Make a choice to begin expanding the personal truth that lives within you. To attain a level of truth that is unique only to you… Read More

Negative always exists right next to positive – within everything.

There was a time when humanity recognized itself as being part of nature and nature being part of humanity. Back then, dreaming and waking were inseparable realities; the natural and the supernatural merged and blended. For example, some cultures used images of nature to express this natural transpersonal unity between nature and man through the use of petroglyphs. Shamans, priests, chiefs, and priestesses were the keepers of the sacred knowledge of life… Read More

Christmas is not a holiday all people of the world practice and I see that as one of the many beautiful things about humanity.  There are so many diverse cultures around the globe who find their own form of sacred meaning, ceremony, and connection from the stories and traditions they have developed over hundreds of years – and each one is held within the heart of the people. The picture attached is… Read More