Look into the sun as the new days rise There’s a rhythm in rush these days. Where the lights don’t move and the colors don’t fade Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams. In a world gone shallow In a world gone lean But there is a truth and it’s on our side. Dawn is coming open your eyes Look into the sun as a new days rise

Two things seem to be infinite, the universe and self-created illusions in the mind. Dr. Debbie

  It isn’t easy to write without an eraser so I’ve decided to write with invisible ink. That’s called a “disappearing do-over”.

Live and learn, Learn to Live. Free the spirit. Lift the heart. Hug the wounded, Heal the world. Dr. Deb

Blessed are the Weird People The Poets, the Misfits, the Artists, the Movie Makers, the Dreamers and the Outsiders. For they force us to see the world differently. It has been said misfits and weird people belong only to themselves, and when they try to embrace being something different, they frequently become more socially “odd”. Now that is odd. Because every person DOES belong only to themselves – not others. Seems Blessed Weird People… Read More

One of three left in the black of night, As the white coats tried to play God.

Never be bullied into silence.  Never allow yourself to be made a victim.  Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself. Been there, done that, never again.

A disconnect has come between, who I am and wanna be.

We are all like a snowflake, so different in many ways. Celebrate your uniqueness, share the love in your heart. Not just at Christmas, But every day. As you breathe, live, love, and play. Happy holidays everyone!!! Debbie

She spent her life dancing to her favorite songs, She was a little girl who was all alone. Eyes wide open, always hoping for the sun, She was a little girl who was all alone. Fragile as leaf in autumn just falling to the ground, Without a sound. She had a crooked little smile on her blue-eyed face, as she tells her silent tale of grace. She was a little girl who… Read More