Silent Words

I long for a language of love and simple truths; where wrong words don’t exist.

I long to begin a silent conversation with effortless words that find the person they were spoken for; on the tail of swirling breezes from a windless dream.

I long for a time when words can be shared universally without hesitation and fear of judgement; honoring all beliefs.

I long for a time to pause at the edge of a midnight forest; breathing in the soft sweetness of the night.

I long for wildness wherever it lives – to free my longings and dance with abandonment.



There is a Gaelic blessing that says;


“You are the pure love of the moon, you are the pure love of the stars, you are the pure love of the sun . . . and the dew . . . and the rain . . . and, finally, you are the pure love of each living creature.”

It strains our modern sensibilities and triggers our calloused cynicism to entertain the thought that we may actually live in a loving affectionate universe.  Think about this:  how would your life change if you believed this?  Image how you would have to change the life you live right now if you believed this?

How would your life look?

How would all that happiness in life taste?

How much more could you love without hatred and judgement?

Strain to see the reality of what exists in every single moment of time – pure beauty and balance.  The ugliness only enters by invitation.


Writing with Passion – Healing with Purpose

Some of you may not know I am a writer and a Doctor of Natural Health.  I share that information to set the stage as you begin to read the words that follow.  I have struggled for some time on how to blend both “parts” of me together, and today, I discovered that I no longer need to blend them together because they sustain both me and each other – they are a natural blend.  I now choose to present them to the world differently – in the form of mind-stretching writings about healing among other things while continuing to personally heal those who seek it – in perfect balance and harmony.

The following is from my journal where I
finally discovered what already existed naturally. 

25086713_m“Nature and natural have been part of me from the beginning of my life.  As I grew older and created and carried the burdens of survival and safety, as well as the beliefs and illusions that come with them, I began to people-please and hide to remain safe.  During this time, my core values – the truth of me – were swept aside so I could become what I needed to be to survive and co-exist in my everyday chaotic world.

Recently, in the space of a micro-second, I remembered that as a child I played in dirt, ate dirt, and loved to drink water from rivers that contained small visible particles of decaying leaf matter, some sand, a smidge of slime and a big dose of healthy nourishment and mysterious things that used to exist in those rivers.  It never harmed my tummy.

It is called “wild water”.  I’d sit by the river and study how it forcefully tumbled and tossed its way around boulders and created angry foam along the edges.  My soul would ride the water for a bit and when I was thirsty, I drank from the river.  It was a wonderful fulfilling visceral experience on an instinctual level.  That was my truth back then in spite of the cruelty that existed in my life.

The happiness and contentment of those moments frequently sneak into my conscience memory.  Back then, wild water contained all the elements of life in a healthy form.  Through reflection and self-discovery, today I choose to begin drinking “wild water” again, to rebuild my soul, redesign my life and support my purpose.  Through wild water I will sustain my energy, my path, and introduce to the world my natural intuitive ability to deeply perceive the healing needs and beauty that lives within the souls of all people.

I am a guide and advocate for the people who are lost, forgotten or ignored that may have by choice or circumstance, forgotten how to be healthy and whole.  And as such, together, in gentle collaboration, we will begin the journey of discovering the personal quintessence of balance that exists within all people and bring light into the darkness.

My life’s purpose is to reach out as far as possible to guide and empower others to become healthy, balanced and fully present in this world.  One moment at a time – one person at a time.  Naturally.”

Waking My Inner Lion

Sometimes when I write I need to touch my soul and one of the easiest ways to do that for me is with music.  Headphones on, volume turned up high.  My body begins to move first, then my soul and heart and finally my higher self opens up wide.



The truth of me free of judgement.

All that exists is the center of me.

This is one of my favorite pieces of music because it gets straight into the passion that lives within me and the animal I adore.  (Plus, I play at playing the harp so it’s a tiny bit real).

It gets me into my flow every time.


Live 2004 (HD)
Credit:  Andrea Vollenweider

Preface “Sneak Peek”


A taste of my new book about silencing the echoes from the past.  I welcome all comments. Debbie

“The above story is a preamble to the words contained within the chapters that follow.  A storytelling of sorts, that shows that even a helpless nine-month old child has intense feelings and memories of things adults assume they could never remember. Some memories may not be conscious at such a young age, but each memory nonetheless remains buried in the subconscious mind.  I spent a good part of my life running away from my childhood memories and for the last 12 years I’ve taken those memories out, re-lived most of them, learned from them, and ultimately released each one of them as hundreds of colorful balloons that slowly meandered and undulated higher and higher into the sky to slowly disappear.  My personal story is honest, yet raw in parts, and sadly it is shared by millions of people on this planet.

I share my story in an effort to educate all who read this book that healing is possible for those who honestly look for it.  It takes courage, patience, perseverance and numerous boxes of tissues to move through the maze of memories and claim the prize of releasing our personal stories to become whole and balanced.

Thankfully, nothing is insurmountable – not even ourselves.”

Published Prose


A prose I penned, “The Freedom to Embrace the Moment” was published on the Rebelle Society On-Line Magazine today.

Here is the link – or simply click the picture!


Kicking Ash


It has been said that “firewood is not the fire”.

Let’s think that through for a moment. Assuming this example is correct, firewood is the “fuel” to fire’s needs.  Firewood would still be firewood without the fire and remains so until fire uses it.  When fire uses the firewood to fuel itself, it morphs the firewood into ash. The fire actually changes the shape, look and feel of the firewood by destroying its previous existence as simple firewood.  Interesting.

Let’s apply that to a second example, “anger is not violence”.  Anger is the fuel violence needs.  Anger would still be anger without violence, it remains the same until violence uses it.  When violence seeks out and uses anger to fuel its violence, as with fire and firewood, violence changes the shape and look of anger by intensifying it to the level of abusive and harmful proportions unlike its previous existence as simple anger.  Anger has now become buddies with violence. Violent anger spreads like wildfire – leaving only ashes. Interesting.

And true.

As I was recovering from the abuse of my past, I was left with the metaphor of “ashes”.  What do I do with these ashes?  Study them, move them around, try to make sense of the patterns within the ash?

Eventually I decided to just kick the ash out of my life.

NOTE: The above is part of my “monkey bar musing” as I’m getting closer to finishing my book, “Silencing Echoes”.  The lines above may make the cut.