Two things seem to be infinite, the universe and self-created illusions in the mind. Dr. Debbie

To honor that truth we must sometimes say no.

Ouch, fear, hope, gratitude. Those are the things I’m feeling right now because its time for the healer to go through her own healing process. What an amazing shift from the norm. This adventure has shown me a new perspective per sec – how to guide myself through a healing process rather than guiding others.

A disconnect has come between, who I am and wanna be.

As the national elections draw closer, I’d like to share something. Personally, I’m quite tired of all the verbal word slinging judgement jabber that is suffocating this country – actually the entire world. It’s time to make room for something different. Let’s move forward rather than backwards. Make a choice to begin expanding the personal truth that lives within you. To attain a level of truth that is unique only to you… Read More

Most of us live a life that is not always made of straight lines taking us from one event to another – from point A to point B. Many of the lines of life are actually created by broken lines – the ones drawn by an unexpected turn, or maybe when we feel we have been on a long, continuous chaotic path. In truth, it wasn’t chaotic at all. When you step… Read More

This very poignant quote by William J.H. Boetcher is one of the hardest transformative platforms to build, develop and stand upon – the importance of truth. “That you may retain your self-respect, it is better to displease the people by doing what you know is right, than to temporarily please them by doing what you know is wrong.” Here in the USA The United States seems to have developed into a dangerously unhealthy… Read More

What do you see when you begin to stare at something and are unknowingly pulled into a realm full of thick stillness and mindlessness? Does it look back at you? Does it scare you?  Talk to you?  Heal you? Maybe this happens as you stare into space, or casually glance at the face of a stranger, a loved one, a hated one, or even when you create an elaborate dream that you know may… Read More

I long for a language of love and simple truths; where wrong words don’t exist. I long to begin a silent conversation with effortless words that find the person they were spoken for; on the tail of swirling breezes from a windless dream. I long for a time when words can be shared universally without hesitation and fear of judgement; honoring all beliefs. I long for a time to pause at the… Read More

  Oh, I understand!  You were being a bridge. Well, that’s nice, bridges are important. But you know, the only problem with being a bridge is that you, yourself, never get to cross over. ~ Nan DeGrove